Bridal Preparation - Leila Coker
The Bridal Prep.

'A photograph captures a moment in time in its actuality. It captures the truth and the beauty in its most accurate form'.

I'm not a morning person. Anyone can tell you this. A minimum of two cups of coffee is required before I get my day going but when it comes to photographing a wedding, my favourite part of the day is the start of the day. The bridal prep! It is that special part where all those months or years of planning start to take form into what will become the most special day of your life. The bridal prep allows me to utilise the fine art discipline allowing me to capture those precious moments elegantly.

Thinking fine art allows me to communicate my images in a personal and evocative manner. The value of your image lies in its beauty. Every emotion is carried out within these four walls. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, fear, stress and happiness. Fine art is timeless, elegant and beautiful.

Hair Preparation

So how can one recreate these delicate visuals of emotion? For me, I look at my surroundings, what is the light doing in my area of space, are there any mirrors, how can I position myself in order to capture my subject beautifully without my own reflection in the shot. Are there any flowers in the room and if so, how can I use these to my advantage? By utilising these ideas with the combination of emotion and fine art I find makes the bridal prep the most beautiful part of the day.


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