Capturing the Moment - Leila Coker
Defining Moment

As a wedding photographer we are in effect, documenting your special day. Documentary and Photojournalism are intimately connected by the fact that they have a special relationship to the real giving an accurate and authentic view.

Wedding Samples

"Documentary is thought to be art when it transcends its reference to the world, when the work can be regarded, first and foremost, as an act of self-expression on the part of the artist" (Allan Sekula:1978) With this theory, no wonder the photojournalistic style is the popular choice, with the non intrusive approach in order to document and capture those true moments.

By providing a completely candid coverage means lurking in the bushes, preparing to capture that unique expression through instinct and observation. This is what I call capturing the smallest of detail in order to emphasis the story. 

True emotion is what makes us who we are and I love capturing these moments of true happiness. In order for me as a primary or stand alone shooter to capture these moments, I always allow the couple to relax with friends and family when the ceremony has finished before the essential group shots where joy and happiness are still fresh.

The ceremony is the most intimate part and I find it important that guests should relish in the joys with the couple. Where some photographers are strict and timely, I find it best to take more of a casual approach within the time that I am allocated. Remember, it is your special day.

Enjoy It!!


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