Portfolio CV - Leila Coker


Welcome to my portfolio.

Having recently graduated with a BA Hons degree in photography at the University of Northampton. I specialise in a number of genres in photography, primarily sports and photojournalistic media. 

Even before graduating, I took it upon myself to finding an agency in order to pursue this area of photography in 2015, working for a company called Media Images LTD primarily photographing Football.

Currently I work for PHC Images which I have been apart of since August 2016 having covered some major important games such as England v Scotland on 11th November 2016 and the Atletico Madrid v Leicester City Champions League Quarter final in Madrid as well as press conferences, primarily at St Georges Park at Burton on Trent.  

As well as football, I cover a range of sports from Rugby to Snooker to Cricket and for an extra in my sporting portfolio, cycling for an events company called New Pixels photography. Since July, my sporting photojournalistic experience has now expanded into general everyday editorial imagery from events to media imagery in order to accompany a story. 

I am experienced with photoshop within editorial photography but my knowledge extends further if required as well as having extensive knowledge of Photomechanic in order to produce accurate captioning, embedding this onto the image before using an FTP to send live feds. 

This portfolio is a small selection of some of my favourite pieces which I have organised into sub sections to maintain order in my ever increasing portfolio.

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